The Dark Brotherhood

It’s time to ender The Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion.

Dark Brotherhood Part 1


THIS IS NOT OKAY! (The Surge Part 1)

Awesome game so far!….that start though…

The Surge Episode 1


Time to rescue Prince Tricky!

Time to rescue Prince Tricky in Star Fox Adventures!…Nice name.

Star Fox Adventues – Part 2


1 Year of DOOM!

I celebrated 1 year of DOOM last night on Twitch! Here is the video of it.

DOOM Stream



Time to play one of my all time favorite Gamecube games, Star Fox Adventures! Not a greatly liked game, but I loved it.

Star Fox Adventures Part 1


A Dragon?!

Just randomly a dragon in my world…I really don’t want to fight it…

Zelda: BOTW – Part 21


New to wordpress

So if you haven’t found out from my messy wordpress page, this is my first ever…I guess Blog I’ve ever made. My friend is the one who recommended I make one and test it out, and so far I have gotten 6 followers! (Thank you to those who have followed, I hope you enjoy my stuff) I’m thinking maybe sometime down the road I can learn a little more about building a blog page and making this messy and simple page look shiny and eye catching.

But anyway, thank you again to those who have followed me and given me a chance! More posts to come everyday! And I try to stream 3 days a week, so if you’re interested, here is my Twitch.

My Twitch


Samson Meteor Mic Test

Testing out my new Samson Meteor Mic in a quick video.

Samson Meteor Mic Test


This game is for perverts…

I really don’t know how to feel about this game…it just makes me so uncomfortable…